Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO Outsourcing

Providing revolutionary recruitment process outsourcing solutions to advance your business

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) involves a company delegating all or parts of its recruitment processes to an external RPO provider. These RPO specialists might utilize their own hiring methods or adopt the client’s existing processes, often enhancing them with their own methodologies, technology, and expertise to optimize a company’s recruiting function.

At Keller, our RPO approach is focused on identifying the right individuals to unlock your organization’s potential. Our strategy is straightforward: we listen to your requirements and then develop a flexible talent acquisition model that grows with your business. We cater to a broad range of industries and can craft unique recruitment solutions for clients on a global scale.

Our international team of recruitment specialists is full of local experts who analyze current RPO trends, tailor solutions to your company’s specific needs, and find candidates that align seamlessly with your team. We understand the subtleties that can make all the difference in talent acquisition.

With Keller, you don’t just get access to the best talent; you gain a dedicated recruitment ally.

RPO Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Keller is an RPO company offering a comprehensive set of services that span the entire recruitment spectrum. We also tailor our RPO services to meet the specific needs of each client, offering a strategic and flexible approach to recruitment. Our RPO services include:

  • Employer Branding
    • Endorsing a client’s employer brand.
    • Developing targeted marketing and advertising campaigns for recruitment.
    • Improving the candidate experience.
  • Requisition Management
    • Outlining job roles and profiles.
    • Approval workflows for new job vacancies.
  • Market Intelligence
    • Offering insights on labor market trends.
    • Salary benchmarking and competitive analysis.
    • Talent mapping to understand available talent pools.
  • Candidate Sourcing
    • Active searching on job boards and databases.
    • Engaging passive candidates via networking, referrals, and headhunting.
    • Talent pooling for future hiring needs.
  • Assessment and Screening
    • Evaluating applications and CVs.
    • Facilitating initial interviews or phone screens.
    • Utilizing assessment tools and tests to assess candidate skills and fit.
  • Interview Management
    • Coordinating interview schedules.
    • Providing interview feedback and communication.
  • Offer Management
    • Preparing job offers.
    • Negotiating terms with potential candidates.
    • Managing the onboarding process, including reference and background checks.
  • Vendor Management
    • Managing relationships with third-party vendors, such as job boards, background check providers, or assessment tool vendors.
  • Onboarding Support
    • Coordinating induction programs for new hires.
    • Assisting with initial orientation or training.
  • Process Improvement and Optimization
    • Regularly evaluating and refining recruitment processes.
    • Implementing best practices and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Technology and Systems
    • Implementing or integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
    • Using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics for more efficient recruitment.
    • Reporting and analytics to track recruitment metrics and KPIs.
  • Compliance and Governance
    • Upholding adherence to labor laws and regulations.
    • Managing diversity and inclusion efforts.
    • Ensuring data privacy and protection in the recruitment process.
  • Talent Community Engagement
    • Engaging with potential candidates for future opportunities.
    • Building and managing talent pipelines.
  • Inclusion and Diversity
    • Developing strategies to promote diversity in recruitment.
    • Implementing partnerships or initiatives to attract diverse talent.

RPO Outsourcing

Our Approach To Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The success of your business depends on its people. Keller’s recruitment process outsourcing team is dedicated to identifying the right talent for your organization so it can flourish. We meticulously assess both your current and future recruitment needs to devise a flexible talent acquisition strategy that grows as your business grows. Backed by cutting-edge AI recruitment technology and half a century of people science, we can swiftly secure talent that matches your company’s vision.

Our talent acquisition process starts with transparent, meaningful, and collaborative conversations with both prospective candidates and client organizations. This methodology grants us profound insights into each client’s hiring needs, streamlining the recruitment process and guaranteeing the right talent for their teams.

Our success is grounded in our commitment to aligning businesses with high-quality candidates who meet both the requirements of the position and the company’s ethos. Our screening processes are tried and tested, ensuring a perfect match between your organizational objectives and the career aspirations of your new hire.

Our holistic recruitment process encompasses an exhaustive analysis of your business objectives, operational processes, and industry nuances. Armed with this understanding, we tap into our expansive talent pool and deep sector knowledge to identify the most qualified candidates.

Beyond sourcing high-quality talent, we handle every stage of the hiring process, from job profiling to onboarding. We also optimize and manage the entire recruitment function, becoming an extension of your company’s human resources department.

Essentially, we function as an in-house recruiter for your company, offering strategic, comprehensive, and end-to-end recruitment solutions that will revolutionize your workforce.

RPO Outsourcing

The Advantages of Partnering with Keller for your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Needs

Offering rigorous attention to detail, expansive global connections, and fast, reliable services, we are an RPO provider that delivers. We also recognize that every organization is unique, providing customized, strategic solutions for each client.

Additionally, when you collaborate with Keller, you gain access to all the broader benefits that partnering with a seasoned RPO provider can bring to a company. Such as:

  1. Cost efficiency
    RPO solutions minimize hiring costs and other expenses related to recruitment staff, advertising, and software, leading to cost savings.
  2. Time savings
    By outsourcing recruitment, businesses can reduce the amount of time it takes to fill positions.
  3. Market insights
    Given their specialization, RPO providers are equipped to provide insights into talent availability, salary benchmarks, and labor market trends.
  4. Expertise
    RPO providers are experts in recruiting and often contribute advanced tools, technologies, and best practices to a company’s human resources department, resulting in a more effective and efficient recruitment process.
  5. Improved quality of hires
    RPO providers are well-equipped to source, screen, and engage candidates, leading to better-quality hires.
  6. Enhanced employer brand
    Employer branding serves to promote a company as the employer of choice in the marketplace, and many RPO providers will assist in this regard.
  7. Scalability
    RPO solutions give businesses the option to scale their recruitment activities up or down according to their current hiring needs.
  8. Flexibility
    Businesses can opt to outsource their entire recruitment process or just segments based on their hiring needs.

In essence, recruitment process outsourcing is a strategic move by organizations to enhance their talent acquisition abilities while also potentially saving time and money.

Contact us today and see how our RPO services can help your business reach new heights.