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Financial Financial Recruitment

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Top Finance Recruiters

Organizations across many industries require innovative finance professionals to boost earnings, lower expenses, and negotiate evolving governmental regulations and M&A activity. But locating this specialized expertise, which includes financial executives and financial analysts, in such a fiercely competitive talent landscape as finance can be a challenge. That being said, your company doesn’t have to settle for anything less than the ideal hiring choice.

As a leading figure among financial services recruiters, Keller Executive Search leverages an extensive network of top-tier candidates within the industry, in-depth market knowledge, and an international search approach – all of which are aimed at identifying the perfect candidate for your finance team. We establish connections with top finance talent through longstanding partnerships and trusted recommendations, adopting a customer-oriented approach and discreet methods to safeguard your interests.


Our Approach to Financial Recruitment

Our financial services recruiters take part in meaningful, collaborative, and open conversations with both prospective candidates and the companies we partner with. This grants us extensive knowledge of our client’s hiring needs and their preferences for the ideal candidate for their financial team, fostering success at every stage of the recruitment journey.

We are resolute in our commitment to furnishing organizations with individuals who not only align with the job description but also integrate seamlessly into their corporate culture. As such, we conduct a thorough evaluation of each candidate, thereby ensuring a great match between your company’s staffing needs and the professional aspirations of your new hire.

Our meticulous hiring process encompasses a comprehensive analysis of your business operations, goals, and the industry you operate in to identify the best match for your company’s financial division. Once we have established these criteria, we delve into the Keller database and develop connections to pinpoint candidates who precisely fill these requirements.

Another aspect that we at Keller pride ourselves on is our dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the search process.

Upon concluding our search, we present our client companies with a roster of candidates with the necessary skill sets and expertise to meet, and even surpass, their hiring needs.

This ensures a swift and precise placement, fitting you with the ideal candidate without delay.


Our Fields of Expertise

Our team of experienced recruiters at Keller is proud to specialize in executive search and recruitment for a broad range of fields across the finance industry, such as:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity
  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Hedge Funds
  • Taxation
  • Credit Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Fintech (Financial Technology)


Positions We Fill

As a recruitment and executive search firm specializing in financial services, we have the resources to recruit top talent for a variety of finance roles, including:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Auditor
  • Accountant
  • Asset Manager
  • Wealth Manager
  • Treasury Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Financial Planner
  • Tax Consultant
  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker


Why Choose Keller as Your Financial Recruitment Partner?

Keller is a reliable and trustworthy recruitment partner when it comes to exceeding your goals and expectations. With a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and an extensive knowledge of the financial services industry, we’ve established ourselves as a respected name for sourcing outstanding professionals in this sector.

We also strive to remain abreast of the current financial trends, strategies, and technologies to furnish companies with the finest talent tailored to their requirements.


Our Promise - The Right Hire

At Keller, all of our dealings with clients are characterized by the highest level of professionalism. Moreover, we hold a deep regard for the privacy of our clients, ensuring that every executive recruitment search is carried out in strict confidentiality. We are committed to assisting you in sourcing top finance talent for your business, upholding quality, security, and discretion throughout the entire process.

We at Keller are steadfast in our dedication to delivering innovative staffing solutions that will meet and even exceed your requirements when it comes to placing candidates in finance positions.

Reach out to Keller today to speak to one of our consultants and allow us to be the catalyst that drives your business forward.