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Experienced Sales Management Recruiters

Many organizations depend fundamentally on sales for revenue growth. For this reason, having the right sales team is of the utmost importance, and hiring new sales talent is not a process to undertake lightly. Fortunately, recent years have seen a surge of qualified candidates and top performers in the industry.

As premier sales executive recruiters, Keller understands the significant impact an adept marketing and sales team can have on the development and success of a company.

Global organizations consistently rely on Keller for their executive search and hiring requirements. Our proven track record and experience in the industry allow us to guide clients seamlessly through the process of identifying, recruiting, and retaining top sales candidates.

Our Approach to Sales Recruitment


We begin the executive search process by taking a deep dive into the nuances of your business. We attempt to gain an in-depth knowledge of the company culture and your unique requirements for sales management candidates. We also compare these requirements to the profile of your current sales professionals to determine areas of improvement or potential vacancies.

Following this, Keller’s team of dedicated sales recruiters begins a meticulous search for the top talent on the market. We recruit exceptional talent with the passion, knowledge, and skills to streamline the sales process, manage their team efficiently, and contribute to the success of the company as a whole. We also ensure that each candidate is the right fit for your unique needs.

Additionally, to ensure we provide a list of top-tier, diverse sales leaders, we commit ourselves to inclusion during our executive search process.

Our Fields of Expertise


As experts in the field of sales recruiting, Keller has extensive experience placing candidates for various industries, including sales. Some of the fields within the sales industry we find placements for include:

  • Advertising and Media Sales
  • Agricultural Equipment Sales
  • Automotive Sales
  • Business Development
  • Consumer Sales
  • Financial Services Sales
  • Franchise Sales
  • Hospitality Sales
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Sales
  • Medical Device Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Technology and Software Sales
  • Telecommunications Sales

Sales Positions We Fill


Keller specializes in finding the top sales talent in the industry, ready to be included in your sales team. We place various job openings, from entry-level to C-suite positions. Some of the managerial positions we find high-quality candidates for include:

  • Area Sales Managers
  • Business Development Director/ Manager
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • Enterprise Sales Managers
  • Head of Sales and Distribution
  • Inside Sales Manager
  • International, National, and Regional Sales Managers
  • Product Sales Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Director
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Sales Reps
  • Territory Sales Managers
  • Vice President (VP) of Sales

Why Choose Keller as Your Sales Recruitment Partner?


Keller is known for its high rates of customer success and emphasis on fostering enduring client relationships. We provide exceptional service and ongoing support to help our clients exceed their targets, boost their revenue, and become frontrunners in their industry.

By choosing Keller as your trusted recruitment partner, you can experience the extensive experience in talent acquisition that sets Keller apart from other sales recruiters, first-hand.

Our reputation has been built on unparalleled quality, impressive outcomes, and an expansive network of sales professionals available to our clients.

Our Promise - The Right Hire


At the core of all Keller operations is our commitment to functioning with the utmost professionalism. We have a high regard for the privacy and safety of all our clients, ensuring discretion in every executive search we undertake.

Our devoted recruitment team is committed to helping you identify and recruit the right sales professionals for your business, all while maintaining the benchmarks of excellence, safety, and confidentiality Keller is known for.

Keller is committed to fulfilling, and even exceeding, all your executive search and sales recruitment needs.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of Keller’s top-notch consultants.