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Building Materials Building Materials Recruitment

Identifying and Recruiting the Top Talent for Companies in the Building Materials Industry

Specialist Building Materials Recruiters

The building and construction industry can be competitive, filled with manufacturers striving to create the newest, best, and most efficient solutions. Materials are constantly expected to cost less, be more attainable, and perform better. As a result, the building sector is evolving rapidly and new talent with extensive experience is in high demand.

However, finding the right candidate for your company in such a competitive industry can be challenging, and hiring managers all over the world are turning to executive recruitment agencies to assist.

Keller is an executive search firm with decades of experience in the field of recruitment. We specialize in helping international companies find the right talent for their team and supporting them throughout the hiring process.

What We Do

Keller’s commitment to identifying and understanding the needs of our clients in order to offer superior recruitment services is what distinguishes us from other executive search firms in the building materials industry.
To accomplish this, we make use of:

Building Materials Building Materials Recruitment


We delve into the core of your company culture and requirements for potential candidates, enabling us to offer expert guidance, valuable insights, and a comprehensive list of suitable talent worthy of adding to your team.

Building Materials Building Materials Recruitment

Talent Acquisition

At Keller, we have access to a broad network of seasoned executives and professionals with the skills and potential to contribute to your business growth. Once our assessment is complete and we have gained a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, we can hand-pick candidates from the talent pool who meet all the criteria. These profiles can then be added to a shortlist tailored to the specifications of our client.

Using this approach streamlines the process of finding a permanent placement.

Building Materials Building Materials Recruitment

Organization Transformation

As a top building materials recruiter, we assist clients in harnessing their organization’s maximum potential by helping them to recruit professionals tailored to their needs. By collaborating with Keller, you not only transform your organization but also position yourself among international leaders in the building materials sector.

Building Materials

Our Approach to Building Materials Executive Search and Recruitment

The foundation of our executive search process is made up of our unwavering dedication to fostering strong client relationships, providing excellent service, and conducting ourselves with integrity. Coupled with our years of recruiting experience, it comes as no surprise that Keller is a global leader in the field.

At the outset of each executive search, we aim to understand our clients’ needs and make use of thorough evaluations to uphold the premium standards Keller is known for. We also employ a collaborative approach to ensure that we pair clients in the construction, manufacturing, and building materials industries with the ideal candidate for their business.

Additionally, we are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and fairness in our recruitment and hiring practices.

Building Materials

Our Specialist Fields

As one of the best building materials recruiters, Keller boasts a rich history of matching premier talent within numerous sub-sectors of the building and construction industry.

These can include:

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Green Building and Sustainability
  • HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Materials Sciences and Handling
  • Research, Development, and Manufacturing
  • Retail and Home Improvement
  • Interior Finished Products
  • Lumber, Steel, Concrete, and Other Structural Materials
  • Paints, Coatings, Adhesives, and Other Building Products
  • Windows, Cabinets, Doors, and Hardware

Building Materials

Positions We Fill

Some of the positions within the building materials industry we find placements for include:

  • Architectural Specification Manager
  • Building Materials Engineer
  • Construction Materials Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Distribution Manager
  • Estimator
  • Field Inspector
  • Inventory Control Coordinator
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Product Designer
  • Production Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Research and Development Scientist
  • Sustainability Analyst
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Warehouse Supervisor

Building Materials

Why Choose Keller as your Building Materials and Construction Recruitment Partner?

Keller boasts a vast supply chain of industry professionals and unparalleled market reach, positioning us as experts in the world of building materials and construction recruitment. Our team consists of committed and experienced recruiters who have helped global companies to realize their objectives and augment their teams with exceptional talent.

Choosing Keller for your executive recruitment needs ensures impeccable customer service, swift response times, and exceptional outcomes. Let us form part of your company’s success.

Building Materials

Our Promise - The Right Hire

Every search we undertake is characterized by profound professionalism, respect for our clients, and discretion. We deliver top-tier talent to your business, ensuring your safety and confidentiality are never compromised.

Keller is dedicated to satisfying all your executive search and recruitment requirements.

Reach out to Keller today for a consultation with one of our dedicated recruitment experts.