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Keller is a leading recruiting firm in Nashville, TN, specializing in aiding institutions and businesses in finding and recruiting qualified candidates for senior and executive positions. Each member of our team of dedicated headhunting consultants has extensive and practical experience identifying candidates who will positively impact the organizations they form part of. Our consultants understand what it takes to make a business soar and are committed to finding the best talent to fulfill your staffing needs.

As a premier recruiting agency, our work goes beyond simply matching job seekers with vacancies. At Keller, we offer staffing solutions to help businesses grow and evolve. These solutions include services such as leadership coaching and development, transitional planning, outplacement services, and organizational consulting.

Because of our dedication, Keller has become globally renowned as a top-ranking staffing agency.

Top-Tier Recruiters, Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville is a bustling economic hub, with sectors ranging from healthcare to the arts finding a place in this city’s fast-growing professional landscape. Although Nashville is perhaps best known for its ties to country music, the last few years have seen remarkable growth in the construction and real estate fields. These industries are rapidly growing thanks to the expansion of other career fields in Nashville, including medicine, education, human resources, finance, and information technology.

Possessing a job market going from strength to strength, and with new infrastructure being built all the time to accommodate the influx of new professionals, Nashville is a boon for those looking to recruit workers in skilled trades. However, this same growth can make finding the right candidates for you and your business difficult.

The premier services offered by Keller ensure that job seekers are matched to companies that are their perfect fit, guaranteeing that our clients hire only the best.

Keller's Staffing Agency Services


The experts at Keller are known for offering an expansive suite of employment solutions customized to tick each of the client’s boxes. Each of our consultants has built up years of industry-specific expertise, which they effectively wield to ensure that their clients are matched to the best-suited, most qualified candidates. Our services are exceptional because our staffing solutions are incredibly comprehensive. Unlike many other staffing agencies, Keller’s function does not end with recruiting, enabling us to successfully help our clients see the hiring and onboarding processes through.

Our consultants are committed to finding the people who will help your business reach its full potential. As such, we identify and select prospective employees from a global network, recruiting individuals from a wide variety of sectors and roles.

Our Industries

With such an expansive network of professionals, Keller is able to find both short and long-term staffing solutions for an array of industries found in Nashville. Some of these industries include:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Digital Marketing
  • Energy Sector Sales
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Finance
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • Health Safety
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • Retail

Our Placements

With many years of experience and insight shared by our consultants, Keller’s team has helped to fill both temporary and permanent positions for companies worldwide. These placements include:

  • Chief Accounting Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Healthcare Supervisor
  • HR Manager
  • Sales Executive
  • Vice President of Operations

Our Approach


As one of the top recruiting agencies in Nashville, TN, we understand that each of our clients has a unique set of requirements and needs. To ensure the satisfaction of each company that works with Keller, our consultants focus on customizing the recruitment process to meet the specifications of each individual client. This guarantees that our team of dedicated recruitment experts can match the right candidate to the right job, allowing you to make the perfect hire.

What separates Keller from any other staffing agency is the effort that each consultant puts into staying up to date with the newest technological developments, as well as the latest shifts and trends in various job markets.

The search process begins with first identifying and understanding what the client’s staffing needs are, as well as the intended objectives they have identified for their business. Search parameters are established, determining client expectations regarding potential employees’ qualifications, experience, character traits, work ethic, and the degree to which new hires will fit in with the company culture. At Keller, the success of the recruitment process hinges on our ability to identify job seekers whose abilities not only align with the job description but who will be able to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

With the search parameters fully in place, the search process can begin.

Our detailed search yields a list of initial candidates. Our recruiters then carefully assess each potential employee to determine their suitability for the vacant position. Their suitability to the organization’s work culture, as well as the dynamics of the existing team, are also taken into account. The evaluation process of each employee is extensive and detailed and includes personality tests, criminal and personal background checks, and the verification of resumes. Each of these steps allows us to filter out undesirable or unsuitable candidates, thus compiling a shortlist of individuals who are perfectly matched to the needs of our clients and their companies.

The shortlist is then submitted to the client, after which the business’ hiring managers can make their final decision.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


Today, job markets are constantly shifting, evolving, and expanding. To keep up with these changes, organizations and employers need to improve and modify their functioning. For Keller, as a staffing agency, it is just as imperative that we remain adaptable to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

Whenever such changes occur, it is only natural that they bring challenges and obstacles. In turn, these hurdles require creating new solutions and approaches to move past them. Changes in the professional landscape present growth opportunities, and it is only through embracing these changes and finding sustainable solutions that companies can make the most of them.

Similarly, Keller employs a flexible approach that is tailor-made to suit the needs and requirements of each individual client. This allows companies to establish relevant, useful connections with recruitment consultants in their specific industries.

Our team has nearly two decades of shared experience in recruitment for a variety of sectors. This has provided each consultant with extensive knowledge of both local and global job markets, expertise that has helped establish Keller’s reputation for facilitating successful job placements. Our consultants are adept at filling direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary positions.

The global network and talent pool Keller has cultivated is utilized to fill roles at companies all over the world, as well as those in more local sites like Nashville.

Keller's Guarantee


At Keller, we focus on providing search and recruitment services with the utmost discretion, respect, and professionalism. Our recruitment experts are committed to preserving your safety and finding the perfect person for your business.

Moreover, Keller works to ensure that the perfect placement for the position is presented and recommended without any bias toward gender, age, or race being demonstrated. This forms part of our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Your organization’s success is tied closely to our own. As such, Keller puts considerable effort into ensuring your organization finds its perfect professional fit, who can be hired with confidence. For additional assurance, we offer a 90-day guarantee on all placements made using our services. Should the placed candidate fail to meet requirements or expectations, we will provide a replacement free of charge.

Contact our consultants today to reap the benefits of our premier staffing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Keller Identify Potential Hires?

Keller uses an array of methods to identify potential candidates. Our team uses a combination of thorough search methods, targeted research focusing on the experience and skills required for the role, as well as the leverage provided by a global network of professionals.

What Role Does Company Culture Play in Recruitment?

Keller places great importance on the role played by company culture in identifying suitable professionals. We work to find potential hires who match well with the organization’s work ethic, beliefs, and values and possess the necessary skills and experience. Facilitating the alignment of these factors between the business and the candidate ensures long-term success.

Every effort is made to avoid placing an individual within a company environment they are not suited for, as this can lead to dissatisfaction and subpar performance.

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