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Keller understands the importance of hiring the right people for any organization’s success. As a top recruitment agency in Quebec, Keller is dedicated to finding and placing great candidates in various professions and industries.

We provide expert, fully customized recruitment services, consulting, and various non-staffing solutions that help speed up and simplify the hiring process. Our ability to deliver results quickly and our commitment to matching businesses with highly qualified individuals who will take their business to new heights set us apart from other Canadian staffing firms.

We have gained international recognition for our staffing excellence and have been able to serve clients from Quebec City as well as other locations around the world.

Top-Tier Recruiters, Quebec, Canada


Quebec’s economy is diverse, with strengths in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, food processing, pulp and paper, and aluminum production. Rich in natural resources like minerals, forests, and hydropower, Quebec excels in mining, forestry, and hydroelectric power while exploring wind and solar energy. Montreal is a tech and financial hub, attracting AI, video game development, IT services, banks, and investment firms. The province’s cultural heritage and natural attractions draw millions of tourists.

Quebec’s job market is healthy but faces shortages in health care, IT, and skilled trades. Competitive wages, lower living costs, and a robust education system produce a skilled, bilingual workforce. Quebec’s immigration system attracts skilled workers to meet labor needs.

Our premier recruitment services have earned us global recognition, allowing us to serve clients worldwide. Organizations partner with Keller to fill permanent and temporary staffing solutions. Keller prides itself on successfully connecting companies with highly qualified candidates who meet their unique needs.

Our Industries

We are recognized as a leading Quebec City recruitment agency because of our track record of delivering exceptional candidates across multiple industries. Some of the sectors we place people in include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • IT
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Finance
  • Technology

Our Placements

Keller is a premier employment agency. Our recruiters source talented employees for a wide range of positions, from temporary to full-time. A few of the jobs we find talent for include:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Registered Nurses
  • Accountants
  • Project Managers
  • Factory Managers
  • Health and Safety Officers
  • Office Administrators
  • Financial Analysts

Our Approach


Keller takes a customized and tailored approach to staffing designed to meet the employers’ needs instead of the one-size-fits-all approach used by so many agencies. This allows us to match your company with the ideal individual who is motivated to advance their career and make a valuable contribution to the expansion of your business.

Another element differentiating Keller is our commitment to staying abreast of industry innovations, shifts in local and global markets, and technological advances.

We begin our recruitment process by consulting with employers, including team leaders, human resource teams, and key decision-makers. During this consultation, we take the time to understand our client’s goals, hiring needs, and expectations for a candidate. This includes the candidate’s:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • Work Ethic
  • Career Goals

This initial phase is essential to ensure that we match our clients with the ideal candidate for both the open position and their organization’s culture. With this understanding, a Keller recruiter can move forward with the search for the ideal candidate.

Our search results in a list of candidates who are then subjected to a thorough screening process that includes a background check to confirm the accuracy of their references as well as a criminal record check. We also administer personality tests to ensure a good fit with the company’s current employees and thoroughly review resumes.

We produce a shortlist of outstanding candidates who fit the position well. We then share this shortlist with our clients so that they can schedule interviews and choose the person they want to hire.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


With nearly two decades of experience, our experts have helped many companies navigate competitive job markets to find the right people. This has given our team a better understanding of domestic and international markets. Because of our experience, expertise, and diverse services, our staffing agency has become a global leader in recruitment.

At Keller, we can cover a wide range of positions and are known worldwide for our consistent success. We can help companies around the world, including those in Quebec City, Canada, as Keller has access to an international network of professionals.

Our priority is to develop long-term relationships with every employer we work with. We achieve this by providing a consistently high standard of service and ongoing support.

Keller's Guarantee


At Keller, we are committed to conducting searches with skill, discretion, and integrity. Our first concern is the safety and privacy of our clientele.

Unlike many agencies, we don’t discriminate on the basis of age, gender, orientation, or race when presenting candidates. Instead, we base our recommendations on the candidate’s suitability for the open position. This way, Keller aims to promote inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace.

In addition to carefully selecting professionals, we guarantee our clients that any employee who does not meet their standards will be replaced. This guarantee is valid for the first 90 days or three months of employment.

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Why Use Keller?

The job market in Quebec City is extremely competitive these days, requiring significant expertise and resources to find top talent. Keller’s recruitment services streamline the process, saving you time and money. We look at every resume we receive to create a shortlist of premier talent. From there, an employer can contact the job seekers they are interested in potentially hiring.

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