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As a leading boutique recruitment agency, Keller matches highly qualified job seekers with employers and available positions throughout London. Our team of expert recruiters know how vital it is to put together a strong management and leadership team to lead your organisation to success. As a result, our staffing solutions are specifically designed to help companies find their perfect match and include asset management, transitional planning, business support, professional development, and leadership development.

Keller distinguishes itself from other London recruitment agencies through our quick turnaround times and commitment to providing exceptional service that will help you fulfill all your hiring and recruitment needs. In doing so, Keller has quickly become a top-tier recruitment agency.

Top-Tier Recruiters, London


The capital city of England, London is a famed destination for tourists from all over the world. In addition to the many noteworthy sights in the city, London is home to many thriving industries. Although the London economy is dominated by the service industries, particularly hospitality, healthcare, and finance, many other sectors have grown and expanded within the city’s professional landscape.

In recent years, the UK job market has experienced significant fluctuations, with employment rates increasing. This has also affected the London labor market, as industries have steadily begun to resume their expansion, adding new job opportunities constantly. While this is a largely positive development, it has also led to the saturation of the job market, which makes it more challenging for employers to find the right person for their organisation.

Keller helps companies wade through this densely populated talent pool and find potential hires for the latest jobs by connecting employers with highly qualified professionals looking to take the next step on their career journey.

Keller's Services

Performance Management

Our recruiters in London specialise in identifying the perfect candidate for a specific position. They do so by leveraging their keen insight into the modern labor market to sort through many highly qualified candidates. The extended talent pool from which potential hires are sourced comprises both active and passive workers, meaning our recruiters can liaise with job seekers and individuals who are not actively looking for new engagements but remain amenable to new opportunities.

Our staffing solutions meet our clients’ needs exactly. We employ a flexible approach as we understand that a general, standardized approach rarely delivers the same results when applied to different organisations. By adapting our methods to suit each client, we guarantee that the candidates identified for the positions are the right fit for the business and its employment needs. Moreover, our consultants stay involved even after recruiting has ended, providing clients with professional and business support throughout the onboarding process.

Our Industries

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, Keller finds candidates for positions throughout various sectors in the greater London area. A few of the sectors for which we have recruited include:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Construction
  • Corporate Finance and Finance Recruitment
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources and HR Recruitment
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Private Staff Recruitment
  • Sales
  • Social Housing Development
  • Technology Recruitment

Our Placements

Keller’s recruiters have helped facilitate a wide range of staffing solutions. In addition to performing temporary recruitment and contract recruitment, our agency has helped make placements on a permanent basis. A few examples of the available jobs we have helped staff include:

  • Business Administrator
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Corporate Strategist
  • Executive Administrator
  • Executive Director
  • Financial Business Analyst
  • Legal Director
  • Paralegal
  • Principal Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Senior Auditor
  • Senior Insurance Executive

Our Approach


At Keller, we know that no two businesses are alike and, as such, each organisation will require its own unique set of staffing solutions. Because we understand that what works for one company isn’t likely to work for another, we aim to personalise our approach as much as possible. Our recruitment specialists use a diverse range of flexible techniques that may be tailored to meet the client’s and their business’s needs. This approach is combined with extensive knowledge of job market trends and the latest advancements to help simplify and speed up the recruitment process.

Finding the right candidate for a position begins with a collaborative meeting between our recruiters and the client, their human resources department, and other key stakeholders. This meeting helps establish the requirements for the role, and the client’s expectations regarding potential hires’ previous experience personality traits, skills, and qualifications are identified. This criteria is then used to define search parameters, which will be used during the search to identify candidates.

The initial search results are gathered into a list of eligible candidates who meet the criteria. Each candidate is then assessed to determine how suitable they are for the job and the company’s overall culture. Keller employs a comprehensive assessment process which includes criminal and personal background checks, personality tests, reference checks, and CV verification.

Once each evaluation has been conducted, the list is revised, and a shortlist is compiled. The client reviews this shortlist themselves, and the company’s hiring manager makes their final selection from this pool of potential hires.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


In today’s professional world, organisations must adopt a more malleable approach to their operational services to fulfill the requirements of an incredibly dynamic labor market. Adaptability is just as important for recruitment agencies, so Keller’s recruiters ensure they stay up-to-date with the dynamics of local and international job markets and the evolution of various sectors. By remaining apprised of these developments, our consultants can accurately predict future trends in various markets, thus enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

For many businesses, keeping up with today’s job market’s constant shifts can be quite difficult. Yet, making the necessary changes to overcome these hurdles has the potential to open the door to a wide range of new opportunities. The importance of this flexibility is why Keller offers a diverse suite of services that can be customised to suit the client’s hiring needs exactly.

Our team of expert consultants shares nearly two decades of industry experience, which they leverage with a comprehensive knowledge of modern recruiting standards to supply companies with the hiring solutions they need. Keller’s recommendations are precise, effective, and sourced from a global talent pool. Using an extended network of qualified professionals, Keller can offer a wider range of services as our search process is not confined to the local London talent pool.

Keller's Guarantee

Free Close-up of Business People Shaking Hands Stock Photo

Whenever we collaborate with a client to fulfill their employment needs, their security remain our first priority. Our consultants in London provide quality services with the highest level professionalism, confidentiality, and discretion. Each of our procedures is structured so that we are able to make quality recommendations without endangering your safety.

Keller’s selections are made based on merit alone, and only a potential hire’s qualifications, skills, experience, and work ethic are considered. Gender, race, age, and religion are excluded from consideration, as Keller is committed to upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion standards.

At Keller, we understand that your success is closely tied to our own. As a result, our recruitment experts work tirelessly to find your perfect professional match. Although our recommendations are made with careful consideration, there is always the possibility that matches won’t work out. That is why each placement made by Keller comes with a 90-day guarantee; should the appointed candidate not live up to your expectations or resign from their position within this period, a replacement will be provided at no additional cost.

Contact Keller’s expert recruiters today to unlock the many benefits offered by our high-end employment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Keller Identify Potential Hires?

Our recruitment experts employ an array of techniques to recruit individuals for a particular position, including targeted research based on the role’s specifications and requirements, a thorough search process, and using a global network of eligible professionals.

Why Use Keller to Fulfill Your London Staffing Needs?

Keller is one of the foremost employment agencies in London, and our consultants take a bespoke approach to each client to ensure their unique needs and requirements are met. By using our top-tier employment solutions, your company is guaranteed to save time and valuable resources. Our staffing specialists have extensive experience and industry knowledge. They use this expertise to manage the recruitment process on your behalf, allowing more time to be invested in processes such as interviews.

Each of Keller’s processes is intended to help make it easier for organisations to find their perfect professional match, providing support at each step until the right fit is found.

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