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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Nicosia and Limassol

Keller Executive Search is a leading retained executive search firm assisting businesses in searching for talents with the skills and experience to lead the organization’s workforce. Our consultants operate in Nicosia and the rest of Cyprus.

Our team can help companies in the country’s major industries find executives for their senior management and C-suit teams. That being said, Keller Executive Search is also well-equipped to help companies recruit talent for niche positions and sectors where there is high demand but limited candidate availability.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Cyprus

During the search, we take into consideration country-specific issues, such as company culture and management styles. Doing so ensures that the candidates we present to clients are all culturally fit and can integrate well into the company. That being said, this type of search can cost time and resources that in-house HR departments in small- to medium-sized businesses may not have.

Hiring Keller to screen and evaluate potential partners and executives is advantageous as it prevents companies from diverting resources away from their HR department and instead focuses them on other projects. Additionally, our screening process will be tailored to industry needs and also take the unique characteristics of the company and existing leadership team into account.

Our services cover an array of HR processes, including specialized recruitment, extensive screening and evaluations, background checks, credit checks, and reference checks.


Our headhunters in Nicosia, Cyprus

At Keller, we value open communication and transparency. As such, our consultants are easily accessible before, during, and after each engagement to allow clients to immediately raise any issues pertaining to the search, and for our team to address the problem so as not to cause a delay. We also keep clients regularly updated with the progress of our search.

Apart from the importance of communication, we also value discretion. At no point in the search do we share personal and confidential information more than what is necessary. This strategy helps us avoid the leakage of sensitive information related to our client, the company, and the candidates.

Lastly, we operate with the aim of providing excellent service, which is not possible in the case of a failed search. Should the client not find any suitable prospect from the talent pool, if the candidate leaves before a set period, or if the executive clashes with other leaders due to differences in management styles, we will not consider our service a success and would offer to redo the search following the same parameters at no charge to the client.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is a small country with a population of around 1.2 million people and a GDP of approximately $23 billion. Thanks to its strategic location and its membership in the European Union, Cyprus has become an attractive destination for foreign investors, as well as a hub for international business.

The country enjoys a low-tax regime, which is among the most attractive in the world. The business environment in Cyprus is also highly competitive. This is due to its access to a diversified and well-educated labor force, as well as its proximity to major markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The country is also home to a well-developed infrastructure, which makes doing business in the country relatively easy.

Cyprus is a small island nation located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. With a population of just over 1.2 million people, it has become an attractive destination for foreign workers seeking to find employment in the country.

The workforce environment in Cyprus is highly competitive. The country has seen an influx of foreign workers in recent years, especially from the EU, creating a tight labour market. With such a large number of workers competing for the same jobs, employers often offer higher salaries and better working conditions to attract the best candidates.

The country also has a well-developed social security system which ensures that workers are provided with adequate protection in terms of health insurance and other benefits. The government has implemented a number of policies to promote a healthy and productive working environment, such as family-friendly employment policies and gender equality initiatives.

Overall, the workforce environment in Cyprus is generally positive and conducive to a successful career. The country has a highly educated and skilled workforce, and employers are increasingly looking to hire qualified professionals from abroad. With its attractive job market and excellent working conditions, Cyprus is an attractive destination for foreign workers looking to work in the country.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Cyprus

The initial stages of our search begin with meeting the client and relevant stakeholders. During the meeting, our consultants will discuss with clients what they expect of candidates, what their company needs, and whether they want to limit the search to local or international talents. Other factors like salary and benefits packages will also be discussed and agreed upon.

When we have the hiring parameters set, it is time for us to begin the search. We will utilize traditional and non-traditional recruitment channels, as well as our extensive network of contacts, to gain access to candidates who meet the requirements of our clients.

All candidates will be contacted by our team. Those who show interest in the position will be included in the talent pool and put through extensive assessments and evaluations. Our assessment process involves background checks, credit checks, reference checks, and a confirmation of their past performances.

Candidates who pass the evaluation will be shortlisted and presented to the client. The client can conduct their own interviews and evaluations before hiring an executive to join their senior leadership and C-suite team.

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