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Czech Republic

Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Prague

Keller executive search provides international recruitment services to our clients. Our consultants can provide these services across various industries and management levels. Although our main focus is recruiting top talent, we can also provide consultation and leadership development services. We also ensure careful assessment of candidates to ensure they are a good fit and can achieve their top performance in a job.

At Keller, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch, tailored recruitment services, and we commit ourselves to prompt turnaround times that yield great results. Our continued support, expert consultancy services, and vast network of prospective employees are what sets Keller apart.

With a social market economy that is export oriented, developed, and high-income, the Czech Republic is a great place to do business. Their manufacturing and services sectors are strong enough to maintain a welfare state. They are members of the EU although they do not use the euro yet.

Czech Republic

Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Czech Republic

The republic sports some impressively large companies in sectors like steel production, electronics manufacturing, oil processing, energy trading, utilities, and automobile manufacturing. At the moment, the republic produces an excess of electricity that is exported as needed. Nuclear power forms a large part of this production.

Keller’s executive search consultants are experts in the field and can tackle several management levels. Our executive search services may be international, but we also understand how important domestic knowledge is for hiring practices. Other things we consider carefully during executive search is how resource heavy a search procedure can be. It is not uncommon for a business not to have the resources to spare to execute such a search successfully on their own. Engaging with an external company to conduct the search is a good way to ensure success and reduce stresses on the in-house human resources department. As a leading provider of executive search Keller has access to a wide international network of partners. This network provides a wide net of potential candidates that would otherwise not have necessarily been available. Part of our hiring process also involves the need for professionals to transition into new positions smoothly and efficiently.

Czech Republic

Our headhunters in Czech Republic

Keller can help throughout the recruitment process and can step in at any point that a organization needs us. We provide an extensive service that covers many industries and management levels. In addition to recruiting candidates, we also screen them carefully to ensure they are a good cultural fit for out clients.

At Keller we understand the importance of sensitivity to company culture and the major impact that a poor cultural fit can have. Our partners are domestic experts in specialized headhunting, while also having access to international input from our wider team of recruiters. Furthermore, local consultants are also in touch with the ever changing headhunting climate and can identify any changes that must be made to accommodate new trends and requirements.

Czech Republic

Local Expertise, Global Reach

Infrastructure in Prague and the rest of the republic is good. They have one of the densest rail networks in Europe and rank high for fastest internet connections globally. Furthermore, Prague is one of the top 5 most visited cities in Europe. The country ranks high on the ‘ease of doing business’ scale making it a good place to invest in.

When we recruit for companies we also screen candidates carefully before we present them to our clients. Screening checks candidates for many different things, from criminal records to cultural fit. These screenings help to ensure that the right leadership candidate is presented to the right organization so that employers can enter their new roles successfully. When a candidate is a poor fit the existing team will be under strain, which can have a negative impact on productivity. In cases where integration is strained, Keller can engage in some consultation and leadership development if needed to support the team.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller has the global reach needed to serve companies from around the world, including the Czech Republic, due to our broad database of industry professionals. We are also home to a talented group of recruitment experts and experienced consultants. Our team has collective experience of nearly 20 years in the field of recruitment, which gives us in-depth knowledge of both local and global market trends.

Czech Republic

Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Czech Republic

Overall the Czech Republish is considered a great place to live with a high quality of life and low rental and living costs. Furthermore, healthcare costs and crime rates are also low. The high level of professional knowledge is a good stepping stone for the future and makes for an attractive business atmosphere.

We can help to hire a sales manager, sales director, or commercial director, to name only a few examples. We can cover a range of different fields like retail, marketing, finance, construction, engineering, etc. Keller’s extensive experience means that we are ideally situation to identify suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. We provide consistent support throughout the headhunting process for all of our clients. It is essential that we place the right candidate in the position our clients need to fill. This goes beyond talent and education. A team will have an existing work ethic and it is important that any new managers fit in with this existing culture. Even the most confident candidate can sometimes require some support when entering a new business. We are dedicated to company success for our clients.

Our Executive Search Process

Our recruitment process begins with discussing the needs of our clients in terms of prospective employees and the role they will be filling. We also aim to understand the intricacies of our clients’ business.

Once we have gained these insights, we begin the process of identifying suitable candidates and screening them. These candidates are then compiled into a shortlist we can provide our clients with, from which they can select the candidates they wish to interview.

Our process ensures that each candidate we provide is the best suited for their new role, and has the expertise needed to drive success in your business.

Partner with Keller today to begin your executive search journey.

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