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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Muscat

Keller Executive Search is a leading recruitment firm that helps growing businesses and organizations build an effective management team through our bespoke headhunting services and extensive assessment of candidates. Our goal is to connect clients with difference-makers who have the skills and experience to help the business flourish.

Our team of consultants utilizes a wide range of tools and an extensive network of contacts to gain access to talents both locally and globally. Our network also allows us to get in touch with candidates who may be otherwise unavailable through traditional recruitment channels.

These are the qualities that distinguish us from other executive search agencies.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Oman

Keller Oman operates in all major industries in Oman, including oil and gas, tourism, fishing, mining, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. That being said, we are well-equipped to assist clients in other sectors too, including those in industries with high talent demand but low availability.

In order to provide excellent executive search services, we work to ensure that our team has an extensive knowledge of local customs, corporate culture, and management styles. This allows us to search for candidates who could integrate well into an organization.

Keller consultants also recognize that each country has its own preferences and traditions and that these factors can affect a candidate’s ability to manage a diverse workforce and bring the company to new heights.

As such, we look at more than just experience and talent when assessing a candidate. We also evaluate candidates for their leadership styles, personalities, and cultural fit.


Our headhunters in Oman

Our experts are available in Muscat and other parts of Oman to assist with the executive hiring process. Our team is readily accessible before, during, and after each engagement. This gives clients the opportunity to raise issues that may come to light during the search, so our consultants can immediately address them.

Our consultants also value transparency. This means that our clients will remain updated throughout the search.

Our headhunters place great importance on conducting a successful search. As such, if a candidate leaves before a predetermined deadline, if they do not meet company standards, or if they clash with other managers due to differences in leadership style, we do not consider our job successful and will offer to redo the search at the client’s request.

If the executive search is repeated following the same hiring parameters as the initial search, there is no extra charge as part of our guarantee. We take our service and responsibility seriously and only we can be held responsible for our own success.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

The business environment in Oman is characterized by a great degree of economic freedom and a generally positive outlook for businesses operating within the country. The Omani government has worked to create a stable and attractive business environment for both local and foreign investors through a series of economic initiatives, reforms, and legislation.

For businesses operating in Oman, the country provides a wide range of incentives and resources. These include a business-friendly regulatory framework, a competitive tax regime, and a well-developed infrastructure. The government also provides generous incentives to foreign investors, including tax breaks, long-term residency visas, and other benefits.

Additionally, the country offers a range of resources and services to support businesses. These include a wide range of support services, such as legal, financial, and tax advice. The government also offers a range of grants and subsidies to businesses, as well as access to financing.

Moreover, the country has a well-developed banking sector with a range of commercial banking services and products, as well as access to international financial institutions. The country is also home to a number of international organizations and associations, which offer a range of services and support to local and international businesses.

The workforce environment in Oman is highly diverse and dynamic. Oman is an oil-rich country and, as such, the economy is heavily reliant on the oil industry. This has created opportunities for foreign workers to come to Oman and benefit from the many job opportunities that are available.

The majority of the workforce in Oman is comprised of expatriates from other countries who have brought a range of skills and capabilities into the country. The government of Oman has  also made efforts to create an attractive and welcoming environment for local workers by introducing a number of policies and initiatives, such as the “Omanization” policy, which seeks to increase the number of Omanis in the workforce.

Keller’s Global Reach

Keller is proud to be home to a skilled team of experts, each possessing a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics. This expertise is coupled with our access to a global network of professionals to enable us to connect to clients from around the world, including those in Oman. Our team has nearly twenty years of experience matching clientele with exceptional candidates for their executive positions.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Oman

Our Executive Search Process

Our search consultants invest a lot of time in finding and evaluating the right leadership personnel for our clients based on the hiring parameters that are discussed during an initial meeting with company executives and relevant stakeholders.

Once we know the sort of candidates our client companies need, we begin searching for prospects both locally and globally. Talents who meet the requirements will be contacted to determine whether they are interested in the position. If they are, they will be included in the talent pool and be put through an extensive assessment.

After the screening is finished, we will present the shortlisted candidates to our clients. They can then schedule their own interviews and evaluations before hiring a candidate.

Reach out to Keller Executive Search for a consultation.

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