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Executive Search and Recruitment Services in Manama

Keller is a worldwide recruitment agency that specializes in finding the best candidates in various different industries.

It distinguishes itself from other recruitment agencies by offering staffing solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients. Keller is recognized worldwide for our top-notch candidates, fast turnaround times, and exceptional results.

When we look for the right candidate, we understand that more than just expertise needs to be considered. Through our recruiting channels we can also provide services like leadership development and consulting where necessary. Furthermore, we also screen and assess carefully to ensure we present the best candidate to our client.

After pouring investment into the tourism and banking sectors for decades, Bahrain ended up having the first Persian Gulf post-oil economy on the rise. The capital of Bahrain is peppered by some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The World Bank has recognised the country as a high-income economy.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Bahrain

While the country boasts a strong gas and oil industry, there are also a number of other major industrial sectors. These include wood, furniture, aluminum, engineering, plastics, and petrochemicals. To date, the non-oil-related GDP in Bahrain continues to grow and has been steadily high since 2012. Many local companies embrace the services and production sectors outside of the gas and oil ring, and in recent years, renewable energy has been on the rise worldwide.

Keller has some of the best headhunters in the world who can provide local or global executive search. Although we are able to provide global services to your organization, we also understand the importance of local knowledge and understanding. Executive search or other high-level recruiting can be highly resource-intensive. Many businesses benefit from outsourcing this service to hiring professionals such as Keller. We can recruit for a number of different positions through our extensive network. This takes pressure away from company resources and ensures access to a wide network of candidates. We understand how important it is for professionals to smoothly transition into a new role within your business.


Our headhunters in Bahrain

As industry experts, Keller can provide assistance at any time during the recruitment process. Our service extends over several management levels and industries. We can help our clients find ideal candidates through careful screening and assessment.

Recruiters at Keller know how important a deep understanding of local nuances is when recruiting for any job level. We have partners all over the world that provide assistance with local or global headhunting in practically any industry. There are always changes and developments that need to be considered when hiring for any job. At Keller, we ensure that we are always on top of these changes.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

In terms of investment, both domestic and foreign, in the Kingdom of Bahrain is stable and positive. The government understands the importance of foreign investment in the business sector, so it is supported and attracted. The business atmosphere is inviting and liberal.

A significant part of what we do when recruiting for organizations is to engage in careful screening and assessment of possible hires. Leadership is an essential part of any business, so it is extremely important to have the right person in the right role. The performance of the existing team can be negatively influenced if the wrong person is hired for a leadership position. As an added assurance for smooth integration, Keller can provide development and consultation to help a leader settle into the team.

Keller’s Global Presence

At Keller, you are guaranteed the assistance of a team of expert recruiters, each with a vast knowledge of local market trends and challenges. We leverage our consultants’ deep knowledge and combine it with our vast network of quality executives to find the right fit for a wide range of positions.

Our global reach allows us to supply talent for companies around the world, including Bahrain. We also have nearly two decades of experience working in the field of recruitment.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Bahrain

Bahrain is considered an attractive place to settle. The country is easy to work in, and the work environment is pleasant and strong. Expats in the country do not pay personal taxes and can expect high salaries with many other incentives.

Our Executive Search Process

Keller is dedicated to assisting our clients consistently throughout the duration of their process. We understand the importance of having the right person in the right position.

We begin by first ensuring our team understands the needs and requirements of your organization in terms of gaps that need to be filled and prospective new employees. With these valuable insights, we can then begin the search for the very best and most suitable candidates.
Once our search is complete and we have screened each candidate carefully, we can provide our clients with a shortlist of executives well worth hiring.

The support that Keller offers ranges beyond standard recruiting as we want to ensure that whatever talent we send your way will be a good fit for your team in terms of work ethic as well. Sometimes, even the best talent needs support when adjusting to new positions within a business. We are dedicated to ensuring that your company and your employees thrive.

Contact Keller today to take the first step toward success, and book a session with one of our talented consultants.

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