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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Ankara

Keller Executive Search is a firm specializing in finding the best talent for businesses across the world. In essence, our consultants find skilled candidates for our client companies.

Our headhunters go beyond the usual services in this industry in order to maintain our high standards. This commitment to quality, combined with our quick turnarounds and exceptional service, is what makes Keller stand out among other firms.

All candidates we source are assessed carefully so that we are sure they will be a good fit for a company. A professional needs more than just the correct education and expertise for a specific job. A candidate should also have the right work ethic to become a successful member of the existing team in a business. When a new candidate and an existing team clash, the organization’s productivity will suffer. Our extensive global network allows us access to local insights in different regions.

As a founding member of G20 and OECD, Turkey has a good standing in the European market. Although not in the top 10, Turkey finds itself with the 19th-largest nominal GDP in the world and the 11th-largest PPP. The Turkish mixed market emerging economy is in the upper middle position, further adding to its strong position. One of the biggest challenges Turkey faces is the high inflation rates as well as the infrastructure that is quite outdated. That being said, many social and financial aspects of the economy have seen major developments in the last 20 years. This includes a rise in average income and increased employment rates.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Turkey

Turkey is a world leader in several industries, such as exports of home appliances, consumer electronics, construction materials, motor vehicles, textiles, and agricultural products. Other major industries include the production and sale of technology products, industrial machinery, jewelry, home decor, construction, chemical products, automotive manufacturing, and metallurgy. The bustling port at Istanbul has been a significant source of income for Turkey for many hundreds of years, and continues on this trajectory steadily.

Unlike some other executive search firms, Keller does not find itself in a single industry. At Keller, we know the importance of matching the right candidate with the right job. All candidates that we recommend to a company have already been screened to ensure that they are fit for the position both in terms of skills and personality. Our consultants also include any unique expectations and preferences that a client might have in our screening process. Furthermore, although we recruit internationally, we are still aware of local nuances that can have an impact on organizations. Needless to say, our assessment processes are, therefore, bespoke.

Another element of executive search that Keller consultants know intricately is how resource-intensive it can be for in-house Human Resources departments. It is common for businesses to outsource executive search so that their HR department is not overwhelmed. Access to a professional service like Keller Executive Search means global assistance with a search, decades of collective experience in the industry, and access to a global network from which to source expert candidates. Keller can provide services in various industries and help with temporary or long-term projects. When we assign a consultant to a client, that consultant will stay with the business throughout the headhunting process. A dedicated consultant, along with input from the international network, gives clients the best possible chance at finding the ideal candidate for their team.


Our headhunters in Turkey

Keller Executive Search can assist with headhunting anywhere in the world with the help of our extensive network of headhunters. Once we have completed an initial search and screening, we present candidates to our clients. We base our screening on more than just ensuring that a candidate has the right skills for a job. We also want to be sure that they have the right kind of work ethic and personality traits to integrate with the existing company culture. A smooth transition is so important to us that we can sometimes provide executive coaching where needed.

It is essential for our consultants to know the technicalities of the position they are headhunting for. For this purpose, we tend to continue communicating with a client company throughout the process to ensure we remain within parameters and can adapt them as needed. During our executive search process, we also consider local nuances and company culture so that job requirements are met entirely. There can be great variation in regulations even in geographically close regions, which need to be considered when hiring for a specific company.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

When it comes to the business environment in Turkey, the outlook is very positive. Tax exemptions, the highly favorable geographical point, the high value of foreign currencies, and the large and young workforce all count in the country’s favor. That being said, there are also some challenges to doing business involved in Turkey, such as complex legal systems, high variation among regions, strong local competition, risky environments for foreign currency, problems with language gaps, and bureaucratic difficulties.

Keller’s Global Presence

As mentioned, our ability to source candidates internationally does not detract from our attention to local details. This need to differentiate regional regulations and trends has meant that Keller’s extensive network has provided a competitive advantage as our cross-border assignments are made much easier by having a partner in every major city. A candidate who fits the bill for a specific job can only succeed if they also have insight into the local differences and specifications.

We conduct these assessments regardless of what management level (from a CEO, business director, head of department, or mid-level manager) we are recruiting for. Candidates are only presented after they have already been screened and are deemed appropriate for our client companies. When conducting an executive search, we are aware that we are potentially looking for a future leader of a company. This is a further motivation to ensure that we provide the best possible services to the businesses in our care.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Turkey

Life in Turkey is far more affordable than in places like the US and UK. Furthermore, people choose to emigrate to Turkey due to the friendly locals, affordable education opportunities, high-quality healthcare, great business opportunities, low cost of living, and mild climate.

Our Executive Search Process

We have said that executive search services are usually outsourced by businesses so that Human Resources departments are not overwhelmed by the scale of such an endeavor. Executive search remains our specialty, although we can provide recruitment services at any level. No matter the industry or level that we are serving in, we maintain communication with our clients to ensure that the parameters we are following are accurate. In a growing digital world, having access to services globally can be a major advantage, even at a start-up level.

We build the foundations of our success as a company on how well the candidate we recommend for recruitment integrates with the existing team in the company. This includes their skills and how well they fit in with the broader business culture. When an ideal candidate is a good fit with other employees, and the role they are filling, operations in the department are optimized, and service delivery remains at a high standard. We are in the fastest-growing economic period now since before the pandemic, and as such, the economy continues to evolve across various sectors. At Keller, we strive to remain ahead of this curve and are always on top of new trends and the changing local regulations that we need to adhere to.

Let Keller provide you with candidates guaranteed to lead your organization to success. Reach out today.

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