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Agriculture Agriculture Recruitment

Recruiting Transformative Leaders for a Bright Agricultural Future

Agriculture Recruiters

Over recent years, climate change has affected the agriculture industry’s ability to grow food. Increasingly volatile weather, changing seasons, limits to available water, and soil erosion all contribute to reduced crop productivity. These—in conjunction with other factors such as biodiversity loss and the changing tastes and expectations of consumers—have forced the agricultural industry to innovate business operations.

As a leading executive search firm, Keller assists client companies in sourcing and recruiting well-qualified candidates with the capabilities to navigate the challenges faced by organizations in the agricultural industry. Our goal is to connect you with leaders who can create efficient solutions to these issues and help the business thrive.

What We Do

Our professional team combines deep industry knowledge with a rigorous search process, aiming to identify and attract qualified applicants for executive and leadership roles in the agriculture industry. We achieve this through:

Agriculture Agriculture Recruitment


In our assessment, we go beyond just evaluating a candidate’s proven track record. Our recruiting experts also consider other intricate factors, including a candidate’s personality, motivational drivers, management style, and work ethic, to determine whether they meet the client’s hiring requirements.

Agriculture Agriculture Recruitment

Talent Acquisition

At Keller, we aim to supply our clients with a large pool of diverse candidates. We take several steps to do this, including posting job ads on numerous online job search platforms, making queries across social platforms, leveraging our wide network of industry connections, and making cold calls and emails to candidates who are either actively or passively looking for new opportunities.

Agriculture Agriculture Recruitment

Organization Transformation

Our expansive network of connections and industry expertise allows us to provide clients with services beyond executive search. Our team can guide clients in improving their HR processes and workflows and boost employee engagement and retention. We can also help clients determine if their compensation package is aligned with industry standards.


Our Approach to Agriculture Recruiting

Each search presents its unique needs and objectives. As such, our team first works to gain an in-depth understanding of our client’s recruiting needs, what is expected of the candidate, and the organization’s work culture. We then use our insights to form a strategy for finding the best candidate for the open role.

Keller is committed to supplying the best candidates for roles in the agricultural industry. We are dedicated to ensuring there is diversity and inclusion during the search process. Our approach is designed so that each candidate is treated fairly and without biases in relation to their gender, beliefs, age, or ethnicity.


Our Specialist Fields

Our executive search and talent solutions services are focused on helping clients in the agricultural industry. We serve a range of sectors including:

  • Agronomy & Seed
  • Grain & Biofuels
  • Animal Health and Nutrition
  • Meat & Produce
  • Livestock Production
  • Agri Business
  • Food Production
  • Food Processing
  • Horticulture
  • Grain Operations & Cooperatives
  • Agriculture Equipment and Technology
  • Agriculture Biotechnology


Positions We Fill in the Agriculture Industry

The agricultural industry offers a diverse range of executive and leadership roles. Some of the key roles we source talents for include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Agricultural Officer
  • Director of Agronomy
  • Farm Operations Manager
  • Director of Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Director of Research and Development
  • Vice President/Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Agricultural Policy Analyst
  • Director of Land Acquisition and Relations
  • Livestock Operations Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Agricultural Technology (AgTech) Director


Why Choose Keller as your Agriculture Recruitment Partner?

At Keller, we understand the nuances of staffing in the agriculture industry, allowing us to identify the right prospects quickly. Our team of professional headhunters makes recommendations to clients based on a prospect’s qualifications, interests, and personal attributes.

In addition, when you partner with Keller, you gain access to a bespoke search service tailored to meet your company’s hiring needs and business goals. This means the talents you will receive have the skills and mindset your business needs for it to succeed.


Our Promise - The Right Hire

Your privacy is important to us. When we engage in a search, our team ensures that all information given to us is handled with discretion. We will never compromise our client’s safety at any stage of the search.

We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your business. However, if the hired executive fails to meet expectations or deliver results within the first six months, we will conduct a new search at no additional cost to you.

Keller is committed to providing high-value search services to companies in the agricultural industry.

Connect with our expert consultants today, and let Keller elevate your business with the industry’s top agricultural leaders.