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Our Executive Recruitment Services in Ahmedabad

Located in Western India, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. It is also the sixth most populous city in India. It is home to an affluent population and was ranked as the third-best city in India to live in according to the Ease of Living Index in 2020.

Ahmedabad has risen to prominence as a major economic and industrial hub in India. Holding the position of the country’s second-largest cotton producer, the city boasts a flourishing textile sector. It is also the largest producer of denim and stands as one of the top exporters of jewelry and precious stones in India.

Keller is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We assist clients across a wide range of industries with practical solutions in leadership hiring, headhunting, and executive search. Our mission is to source the most suitable candidates for any key position our client company needs to fill, helping them maintain their competitive advantage.


Our Process

Keller’s team of recruitment consultants is dedicated to finding the right candidates for vacancies in key roles, ensuring that they contribute to the organization’s long-term success. We accomplish this through our high-quality, bespoke, research-based recruitment services that combine our passion for people with a technology-driven process to assist companies in converting candidates into employees.

The first step in our recruitment process is to engage in a two-way discussion with company leaders and other relevant stakeholders to establish business needs, objectives, and organizational culture. These discussions serve to give us a better idea of what the company is looking for in a candidate, what it requires from them, and the possible hurdles associated with the job that we are finding a placement for.

Once we have established the job search parameters, our team of recruitment consultants in Ahmedabad can begin mapping the market for the best candidates. We also utilize our vast global network of industry professionals for recommendations and referrals.

As part of our recruiting services, we carefully evaluate and screen the resumes of every potential candidate identified during our search. Our rigorous screening process comprises extensive criminal, background, and reference checks to verify each applicant’s suitability for the role. Candidates who meet all the hiring criteria are then shortlisted and presented to the client company.


Our Expertise

Industries We Serve

Keller is a world-class staffing company and job placement agency with experience in staffing roles for companies in a variety of industries in Ahmedabad, including but not limited to:

  • Agriculture & Food Processing
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate

Roles We Fill

Our dedicated team of placement consultants in Ahmedabad helps fill roles across all employment levels, from mid to senior-level positions. Some of the roles we find talent for include:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Biochemist
  • Project Manager
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Sales Executive
  • Software Developer
  • System Analyst
  • Web Developer


Why Choose Keller for Executive Hunting in Ahmedabad?

As leading placement consultants in Ahmedabad, we have a proven track record of sourcing and placing the best candidates for our client companies. We have access to all the latest insights and strategies regarding executive search and recruitment, allowing us to fill positions quickly without compromising on the quality of the candidate. In addition, our area of expertise lies in multiple industries, and we can source candidates on both a local and international level.

We recognize that our success depends entirely on how we serve our clients. Consequently, our recruitment services are grounded in honesty, integrity, and a passion for excellence. In other words, we are committed to delivering the right candidate for your business. We do this by assessing more than just a candidate’s skills and experience; also taking into account their personality, work ethic, motivational drivers, communication skills, and management style to ensure they are the best fit for your existing team.

Our success as a top recruitment agency can also be attributed, in part, to our dedication to maintaining diversity and inclusion throughout the recruitment and hiring process. This means that all candidates will receive equal treatment and evaluation, with no prejudice concerning their gender, age, beliefs, or ethnicity.

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