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Executive Search and Recruitment services in Windhoek

Keller Executive Search is one of the leading recruiting agencies. We use our extensive network to find top candidates anywhere in the world to ensure our client companies are at the top of their game. In addition to our executive search services, we provide some basic consulting services and leadership development where needed. Any candidates we recommend for a leadership team have already been assessed so that only suitable candidates are recommended to clients.

Aside from our high-quality candidates, Keller is also known for providing great results, promptly. Through our boutique staffing services, global reach, and expert consulting, Keller is able to stand out above other recruitment firms.

At Keller Executive Search, we understand that a leadership team needs more than suitable skill sets and education. In order to optimize business function, a team needs to work well together and need to adhere to the greater company culture. When the work ethic of managers and the workforce align, there is a greater chance that an organization will be successful.

Namibia is a higher-middle-income economy. The local government strives towards free-market status and continues to invest in local development. Jobs in Namibia are in high demand. The favorable location of Namibia makes it attractive, but the domestic market remains small. Their communications and transport are often superior to surrounding markets, but this does not make up for the lack of infrastructure and industries.


Our Executive Recruitment Solutions in Namibia

Namibia is a major import market and ships almost everything it uses from South Africa. They also export a lot of things to South Africa. The main products and materials that Namibia exports are sheep pelts, meat products, fish, and diamonds. Recently, attempts have been made to diversify trade outside of South Africa. Europe has been a big draw for the meat and fish products produced by Namibia.

Keller Executive Search does not confine itself to only one industry. We can also engage in international recruitment through our large database of partners. Our biggest goal is to match the best candidate with the right job. For this reason, we conduct assessments on all candidates before they are recommended to a client company. They are assessed for personality traits, work ethic, and professional skills. In our assessments, we also include any unique requirements upon request. We also consider regional nuances, even when we recruit internationally, as there can be significant variations in regulations and expectations in the corporate sphere.

Executive search often strains a human resources department, which is one of the main reasons why outsourcing is so popular. When executive search processes are outsourced, companies gain access to international professional services and solutions. Shared experience and knowledge, as well as local insights, can be accessed by working with a partner where needed. We have consultants suited to provide assistance across different industries and at any level of management – we do not only recruit executives. Assigning a consultant to a client is done carefully, as that consultant is meant to remain with the client throughout the entire search process. This gives clients the best chance at finding the best talent to join their team.


Our headhunters in Namibia

Keller Executive Search is able to recruit globally through our network. There is a Keller partner in just about every major city in the world. After initial contact with potential talent, we conduct a careful assessment before presenting candidates. When conducting these assessments, we look for more than just skills. We need to ensure that they fit in with the rest of the organization so that teams function optimally. Consultants need to understand the position they are recruiting for.

For the purpose of our detailed recruitment practices, we remain in communication with the client company until the process is complete. This helps us to proactively adjust parameters where needed and makes it possible for us to go beyond recruitment and even assist with succession planning among executives. When conducting an executive search, we consider the company culture and regional specifications along with job requirements.


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Starting a business and conducting corporate ventures in Namibia is not easy. There are a great many requirements for compensation, sales, and other corporate elements that must be met. It stretches company resources significantly. There are quite a few challenges to doing business in Namibia that need to be overcome. Access to capital is limited, and economic prospects are low. Infrastructure is limited and outdated. The climate is challenging with extreme weather conditions. Losing licenses is a high possibility, and the legal system is complex.

Although we support companies internationally, we still understand the importance of local differences and regulations. Our recruiters are uniquely equipped to extend searches beyond local borders and thus maintain a competitive advantage. Keller has a partner in nearly every major city on the globe, which makes international hiring simple and efficient. When international talent is recruited, we ensure they have the necessary knowledge to understand the local nuances of the job they are expected to do.

Screening is done regardless of the level of management we need to hire. All candidates are screened before they are presented to client companies to ensure they meet business strategies. We know that our recruitment efforts may be geared towards finding someone who will one day lead the company. This further drives our search efforts to exceed your expectations and source only the best talent for your hiring needs.

Keller’s Global Presence

Keller is renowned for our ability to serve clients from countries across the globe, including Namibia.

To do this, we make use of our global reach and extensive database of professionals eager to advance their careers with the right organization. Keller’s team also consists of experts in the field of recruitment, each with many years of experience and deep knowledge of the job market – both global and local.


Getting Started with Executive Recruitment in Namibia

The overall quality of life in Namibia is high, but the extreme income distribution inequalities are a definite challenge. Namibia is considerably safer to live in than South Africa and most of the other countries in Africa. Although now independent, it remains socially and economically close to South Africa.

Keller can provide recruitment services in any industry and at any management level.

Our Executive Search Process

During an executive search, we communicate with clients regularly to ensure that we are following the correct parameters to meet your needs. Having global access to executive search is an advantage and can help to create awareness of regional differences.

We only consider our executive search and recruitment services complete when a candidate integrates successfully with their team. If an executive does not integrate with the existing team, the business will suffer, which to us means a lack of success. This fit refers to job requirements, company culture, and overall skills and sense of focus. We hold ourselves to high standards and want to ensure that operations at our client businesses continue to improve under strong employees. The development of global economies makes this an exciting time for executive search. It is important for us to remain ahead of the curve with these changes and local regulations.

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