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Keller is a dynamic staffing agency that specializes in finding top-tier, qualified candidates for a wide range of positions in the Kansas City area. We are home to a dedicated group of consultants and recruiters who understand the importance of hiring quality leaders, executives, and candidates in a business.

For this reason, Keller offers tailored staffing solutions, high-quality advisory services, and a wide range of add-on services beyond recruitment – such as employee retention strategy development. At Keller, we are distinguished from other staffing agencies for our quick turnaround times, wealth of services, and commitment to providing clients with qualified professionals to boost success in their organization.

As a result, Keller has become known worldwide as a premier staffing agency and global leader in recruitment.

Top-Tier Kansas City Recruiter, Offering Comprehensive Staffing Solutions


Over the past few years, Kansas City’s employment rates have experienced significant growth. The main industries responsible for economic growth in Kansas include eCommerce, transportation, manufacturing, construction, information technology, and finance. There has also been a boom in the fields of medicine and logistics.

With its favorable job market and appealing neighborhoods, more and more professionals are calling Kansas City home each year. In such a saturated market, however, it can be challenging to find the perfect fit for your business.

Our leading employment agency matches clients from around the globe with the ideal job seekers for their organization and company culture.

Keller's Employment Agency Services


As mentioned, Keller’s team is known for providing a wide range of staffing solutions tailored to meet client needs. Our team boasts extensive industry experience, and this expertise is utilized to connect clients with the right person for their business. Additionally, our staffing services extend beyond recruitment, allowing us to assist clients throughout the hiring and onboarding phases.

With our global connections and commitment to excellent quality of service, Keller is able to recruit candidates across a wide variety of sectors and positions.

Our Industries

As a leading global recruitment firm, Keller is able to provide permanent and temporary staffing for a vast range of industries in Kansas City. Some of the sectors we serve include:

  • Animal Health
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Bioscience
  • Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Headquarters Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Shared Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Technology

Recruiting Firm Specializing in Candidate Placement

Keller’s team has many years of collective experience in recruitment, providing temporary and permanent hires to fill jobs in companies from around the globe. These include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Healthcare Services Manager
  • Software Developer
  • VP of Accounting
  • Computer Systems Analysts
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Financial Manager
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Civil Engineers

Our Approach


As one of the top employment agencies in Kansas City, MO, Keller understands that each client we serve has unique requirements. To provide the very best for our clientele, we adapt our recruitment process to each client’s needs, ensuring that our team of staffing agency experts can provide the very best talent for your executive position or vacant role.

Unlike other recruiting agencies, Keller also aims to consistently remain informed on the development of new technologies and current market trends.

Keller’s team of Kansas City recruiters begins the search process by establishing and understanding the recruitment needs of our clients, as well as the goals of their organization. These search parameters include client expectations in terms of work experience and qualifications, skills, personality traits, cultural fit, and work ethic of potential candidates. We consider it an integral part of our search and recruitment process to successfully identify top talent who not only match the job description, but also fulfill (or even exceed) these client requirements.

Once we have established the search parameters, we can begin our search process.

This process yields a list of possible candidates. Our team evaluates each candidate carefully to determine their suitability for the open position, work culture, and existing team in the company. This evaluation procedure is extensive, covering resume verification, criminal and professional background checks, and personality tests. This assessment allows us to narrow the candidates down to a shortlist of professionals ideally suited to the needs and companies of our clients.

We then submit this shortlist to the client, from which a final selection can be made by the organization’s hiring manager.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


Connecting Candidates with Kansas City Jobs through Efficient Hiring Practices

In response to ever-shifting market trends, businesses have to be able to adjust and evolve their operations. It is equally important for Keller as a staffing agency to maintain flexibility and keep pace with these changes.

As with any change, these transformations can introduce obstacles, necessitating the building of new strategies and making professional adjustments. It is only when companies tackle challenges effectively that they can seize the opportunities presented by change.

Keller offers services that enable clientele to connect with expert consultants in their specific sectors. Our approach is direct and adaptable, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every company we serve.

Our team has nearly 20 years of collective experience working and recruiting across a wide range of sectors. This experience has provided us with vast market knowledge, both local and global, and contributed to Keller’s reputation for providing successful placements. We excel at filling temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire roles.

Additionally, Keller leverages its international connections and global pool of professionals to assist companies and employers from cities all over the nation and around the world – including Kansas City.

Keller's Guarantee


At Keller, we are committed to carrying out our search and recruitment processes with unparalleled professionalism, discretion, and respect for the privacy of our clients. We devote ourselves to identifying the ideal candidate for your organization and available role, without compromising your safety.

Additionally, Keller aims to identify and recommend workers based on their suitability for the position alone, with no bias toward race, gender, or age. In this way, we commit ourselves to inclusion and diversity.

Your success is ours. Therefore, Keller invests significant effort in providing your company with the perfect fit. As an added assurance, we also provide a 90-day guarantee on all placements. Should the selected professional fail to live up to client expectations, we provide a replacement at no extra cost.

Contact Keller today and experience firsthand the benefits of our superior staffing services.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Keller Identify Potential Hires?

At Keller, we use a combination of methods to identify a suitable candidate. These methods include a thorough search method, targeted research based on the skills and experience required for the job, and leveraging our extensive network of professionals.

What Role Does Company Culture Play in Recruitment?

Keller considers the culture of a business a crucial factor in identifying professionals. We aim to identify prospective employees who not only have the necessary skills and experience, but also align well with your organization’s beliefs, values, and work ethic. This, in turn, ensures long-term success.

On the other hand, placing the wrong professional in an environment they are not suited for can lead to dissatisfaction for both parties as well as poor performance.

What sets Keller apart from other recruiting firms in Kansas City?

As a leading staffing agency, Keller guarantees that partnering with our team will help your business save valuable time and resources. Our expert recruiters have a vast knowledge of the job market in Kansas City, and we have access to an expansive, global network of skilled executives and professionals. As a result, the process of reviewing resumes is shortened and more time is spent on interviewing potential employees.

Keller offers clientele an easier way to go about the recruiting process, with a wide range of services to assist them throughout.

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