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Keller is one of the best employment agencies in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our expert recruiters provide unparalleled recruitment services to companies in various sectors. Numerous organizations have benefited from our team of recruitment experts’ assistance in finding qualified personnel, which has contributed to their business growth.

We recognize that hiring individuals who fit our client’s needs and culture is critical to their long-term success. As a result, we offer a wide range of additional professional services, including staff training, succession planning, compensation consulting, workforce transformation, and customized workforce solutions.

What sets Keller apart from other employment agencies is our rapid service and dedication to finding only the best candidates.

Top-Tier Recruiters, Sioux Falls, SD


Sioux Falls is the capital of South Dakota. It has a thriving and diverse economy due to major industries such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and finance. The city serves as a regional center for the healthcare industry, with major players such as Sanford Health and Avera Health. Sioux Falls’ strong financial position is evidenced by the fact that several financial services companies are headquartered here.

Retail and trade are important sectors that benefit from the city’s status as the region’s commercial hub. The presence of both small businesses and large retail chains fosters a vibrant shopping environment. Another important industry is manufacturing, where companies such as Smithfield Foods are industry leaders in food processing.

Overall, Sioux Falls has a thriving and expanding economy that offers various employment opportunities in various industries. This is supported by a solid infrastructure and a business-friendly atmosphere.

Keller can help you find the right candidate for your company in this competitive and crowded economy. We leverage our expertise and global networks to streamline the recruitment process so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Keller's Services


Keller is a Sioux Falls staffing agency that offers comprehensive recruitment services to meet our clients’ unique needs. Our recruitment specialists are committed to connecting employers with highly skilled applicants who can help their businesses prosper. They leverage their years of experience and skills, along with our global networks of professionals, to streamline the recruitment process.

We help companies find the right people for their organizations. We have significant experience sourcing staff for various roles and industries. Beyond recruitment, our experts provide additional staffing services. Keller can assist with everything from succession planning and compensation consultation to onboarding assistance and employee coaching.

Further, we can assist companies in filling full-time and part-time employment opportunities and temp-to-hire positions. Our flexibility, adaptability, and commitment to excellence make us one of the top employment agencies in Sioux Falls, SD.

Our Industries

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Sioux Falls, Keller is able to find skilled candidates for various positions across industries. Here are some of the industries we can recruit for:

  • Education
  • Food Processing
  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Biomedicine
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Banking
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Trade

Our Placements

Our recruiters not only have the ability to fill positions in a wide variety of industries, but they can also identify exceptional individuals for jobs that require a wide range of specializations. This includes identifying outstanding individuals for full-time and part-time positions, as well as a wide range of junior, mid-level, and executive positions. In Sioux Falls, we help employers fill the following positions:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Registered Nurse
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Truck Driver
  • Accountants
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Production Manager
  • Factory Manager

Our Approach


As one of the top staffing agencies in Sioux Falls, we understand that our clients need more than a one-size-fits-all recruitment strategy. That is why we provide customized recruiting solutions that match each client’s specific needs with premier job seekers.

We begin the hiring process by learning about our clients’ employment needs and the specific qualities they seek in an ideal candidate. This includes the work experience, skills, career goals, and education of potential candidates. This crucial step ensures that we find the professional who best fits the job description and that we find the ideal match for the company culture in terms of work ethic and personality.

Once we know what type of employee our clients seek, we begin our search. What makes Keller stand out from other staffing agencies is our dual approach to recruitment. We advertise the position on traditional job sites to reach candidates searching for new careers. Additionally, we contact our global network of professionals who are already employed but may be interested in changing careers.

As soon as we have a pool of applicants, we begin screening them to develop a shortlist of top talent. Our thorough vetting process includes reference checks, resume reviews, background checks, and personality testing to identify the right people to add to the shortlist.

This shortlist is then handed to our client’s human resources team for consideration.

Local Expertise, Global Reach


The modern economic landscape is dynamic and ever-evolving, requiring organizations to adjust their approaches and operations regularly. Keller believes that in order to remain relevant in an ever-changing job market, employment agencies must evolve and adapt to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Keller’s ability to communicate with clients, global reach, and local knowledge differentiates us from other Sioux Falls staffing agencies. Our recruiting experts have over 20 years of recruitment experience that empowers us to navigate local and global markets.

Our employment experts also leverage our connections to a global talent pool of qualified individuals searching for new jobs, either full-time or temporary.

Keller's Guarantee


Every recruiter at Keller takes pride in providing exceptional service while maintaining the highest standards of discretion, professionalism, and respect for our clients’ privacy. Our goal is to provide your organization with the best staffing solutions available while maintaining the safety of our clients.

Regardless of a candidate’s gender, age, or race, Keller selects them solely on the basis of their qualifications, education, and expertise. This demonstrates our commitment to inclusion and diversity. It also benefits our clients, who know they have access to highly qualified candidates.

We know that every placement we make reflects us and our staffing abilities. As a result, our recruiting professionals go above and beyond to ensure you work with the best people available to move your business forward. We go the extra mile to find the best people for you and your business.

Keller also offers a 90-day guarantee on all placements. If the new hire does not meet your expectations or leaves within the first three months, we will find a replacement at no additional cost.

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Why Use Keller?

Recruiting new staff for open jobs at your company can be a time-consuming and expensive process. As a leading employment agency, we help highly skilled talent find jobs by connecting them with leading businesses in various locations around Sioux Falls. Whether you need full-time or temporary staff, Keller focuses on finding candidates, reviewing their resumes, and thoroughly vetting them so you can focus on choosing the right person for the job. You also save resources on your staffing needs as we handle the recruitment process.

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